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The Geoff Carter afternoon radio show is super awesome

The Geoff Carter Drive Time radio show on Ocean Breeze Radio is great to listen to for several reasons.

Firstly, the show’s 3 pm airtime provides a relaxing atmosphere to unwind after a long day. Secondly, Geoff’s wacky news stories add a unique twist to current events, making listeners laugh and stay engaged.

Additionally, the power up drive time songs provide listeners with a much-needed energy boost during their commute.

Lastly, the comic characters such as Kev the boy racer and Battle Axe Betty from Broadstairs bring a touch of humor and personality to the show, making it a fun and enjoyable listening experience.

Overall, the Geoff Carter Drive Time radio show offers a perfect blend of entertainment, humor, and great music to make your drive home more enjoyable.

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Are The Machines & #AI Taking Over? We’re hearing more about clever chatgpt. Are these #AI programs a threat to human beings. Will the computer programs link up and think of ways to rid the world humans. Do they need morals bulit in? Should people be selling stuff in the streets or begging and harassing you as you attempt to get on with your life. Do they have a right to be there? Just two of the things Geoff Carter is chatting about on The Top Topics on Ocean Breeze Radio. 9pm to 11pm every Saturday and Sunday Have Your say On The Top Topics Show #listenlive 


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