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Discover Ocean Breeze Radio: Your Local Station in Essex

Ocean Breeze Radio, your dedicated local station, is already bringing the vibrant beats and stories of Essex to your airwaves and is gearing up for an exciting expansion. This summer of 2024, we are launching live outside broadcasts across Essex, and we might just pop up in your neighbourhood! Don’t miss the chance to come by and say hello as we bring the spirit of radio directly to you.

Broadcasting Live and Local

While we prepare for our live outdoor broadcasts next summer, Ocean Breeze Radio continues to energize the Essex community with our current lineup, including the popular Geoff Carter Afternoon Drive Time Show. Tune in for a nostalgic mix of great music spanning from the ’80s right up to the latest hits of 2024, and join in on our fun quiz, “Three Out of Five Ain’t Bad.” Don’t forget to catch the comic antics of characters like Kev the Boy Racer and Betty from Broadstairs, who are sure to put a smile on your face.


Engaging with the Community

Ocean Breeze Radio is more than just a station; we aim to be the central hub where all voices of Essex come together. Our programming is designed to reflect everything that makes Essex unique—from showcasing local artists to covering pivotal community events. As we gear up to expand our live broadcasts, we are eager to involve more of you in our programming. Whether you’re hosting an event that deserves county-wide attention or have a compelling story to share, we want to hear from you. Email us with your stories and event details—your insights could be featured in our next live segment.

Opportunities for Aspiring Radio Talents

If you’re passionate about radio and are looking for hands-on experience, Ocean Breeze Radio offers numerous opportunities to get involved with our live shows. This is your chance to be behind the microphone and be part of our dynamic programming. Whether you run a notable business or have an intriguing personal story, we are also keen to conduct interviews with the fascinating people of Essex. Let us tell your story; we’d love to hear from you and potentially feature your experiences or business on air.



Be Part of Ocean Breeze Radio

Ocean Breeze Radio is broadcasting for Essex, by Essex, celebrating the community’s spirit and stories. Join us and be part of something special in Essex. Tune in, participate, and engage with us as we continue to be your local station, providing a soundtrack and voice for our beloved county.

Discover Beacon Hill Fort: Unveiling the Secrets of Essex’s Naval History



Beacon Hill Fort: A Testament to British Resilience

Nestled on the coastline of Harwich, Essex, Beacon Hill Fort stands as a silent sentinel, its guns once pivotal in guarding Britain through the tumultuous periods of both World Wars. For over 65 years, nature has slowly reclaimed this historic site, yet the echoes of its past glory still resonate strongly. Known as the frontline defense against enemy naval invasions, the fort’s strategic importance is undeniably profound.

A Rich Naval Legacy

Developed under the auspices of King Henry VIII, recent discoveries suggest that Beacon Hill Fort’s origins might stretch even further back, potentially to Roman times. This revelation adds a significant layer of historical depth, emphasizing the site’s long-standing role in maritime defense.

The Vision of Paul Valentine and Barry Sharp

Local residents, Paul Valentine and Barry Sharp, are at the forefront of an ambitious project to revitalize Beacon Hill Fort, along with Harwich’s fortunes. Their plans involve transforming the fort into a vibrant historical attraction that celebrates its rich military heritage while contributing to the local community’s cultural and economic rejuvenation.

Architectural and Historical Significance

Constructed initially in the 19th century, Beacon Hill Fort was extensively used during World War I and later adapted for World War II. It retains its original layout, enhanced with modern military advancements of its time. The fort is equipped with twin 6-pounder guns designed for rapid engagement of fast-moving targets, such as torpedo boats, alongside strategically placed searchlights and a pillbox on Dovercourt Bay.

Preserving Military Architecture

The fort’s grounds encompass six main gun emplacements, a battery observation post, and numerous support buildings including shelters, accommodation for officers, and an engine room. The site extends northwards along the coast, featuring a substantial bank embedded with pill boxes and a two-storey hexagonal radar tower, all offering commanding views of the Orwell estuary opposite Landguard Fort. These structures not only survive but retain crucial military information on the architecture of gun installations, ammunition storage, and radar operations.

World War II Innovations

At the cutting edge of military technology during its heyday, Beacon Hill Fort was home to experimental “Pop up” 6-pound BL guns and advanced radar systems. These innovations underscore the fort’s role in experimental military tactics, significantly enhancing its defensive capabilities.

The Mystery of the Tunnels

A particularly intriguing aspect of Beacon Hill Fort is its network of tunnels. Many visitors are curious about these underground passages, some of which appear on historical maps yet remain sealed. These tunnels connect various structures across the fort, with underground stores and magazines that serviced the guns above. The site also includes an extensive WW1 underground steam engine house, later repurposed as a bomb-proof shelter and workshop during WW2.


Unearthing Hidden Histories

As restoration efforts continue, unexpected discoveries are being made. Small, undocumented structures are being uncovered as the overgrowth is cleared, hinting at more secrets the fort may still hold. Each find is handled with utmost care, ensuring that anything unearthed is preserved and studied to add to our understanding of the site’s historical narrative.

Conclusion: Beacon Hill Fort’s Ongoing Legacy

Beacon Hill Fort is not just a relic of the past; it is a beacon of historical and cultural significance that continues to inspire and educate. As efforts to restore and enhance its presence continue, the fort is set to reclaim its place as a cherished landmark, offering both locals and visitors alike a deep dive into Britain’s rich naval history.

Frequently Asked Questions About Beacon Hill Fort

  1. What was the primary purpose of Beacon Hill Fort?
    • Beacon Hill Fort served as a crucial defensive installation designed to protect Britain from naval invasions during the World Wars.
  2. Can visitors explore the tunnels at Beacon Hill Fort?
    • Certain tunnels are accessible to the public during guided tours, offering a unique glimpse into the fort’s underground operations.
  3. Are there any special events held at Beacon Hill Fort?
    • The fort hosts various historical reenactments and educational programs, especially during the summer months.
  4. How can individuals contribute to the restoration efforts of Beacon Hill Fort?
    • Donations and volunteer work are warmly welcomed, with details available on the fort’s official website.
  5. What are the best times to visit Beacon Hill Fort for a full experience?
    • The best visiting times are during the spring and summer when the weather is favourable, and more areas of the fort are accessible.


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Music For Essex

Essex has produced a range of notable bands and artists that could be featured for music giveaways or merchandise promotions on a local radio station. Here are some prominent examples:

  1. Blur: Originating from Colchester, Blur became one of the most influential Britpop bands of the 90s with hits like “Song 2” and “Parklife.”
  2. Depeche Mode: From Basildon, this band is a pioneer of the synth-pop sound, globally recognized for classics such as “Enjoy the Silence” and “Personal Jesus.”
  3. The Prodigy: Known for their groundbreaking work in the big beat genre, this Braintree band achieved massive success with tracks like “Firestarter.”
  4. Iron Maiden: While not all members are from Essex, their East London origins are close, and they’re known for shaping the heavy metal scene with albums like “The Number of the Beast.”
  5. Feelgood: This Canvey Island band is known for their influential pub rock style, contributing significantly to the UK’s rock scene in the 70s.
  6. Olly Murs: From Witham, Olly Murs rose to fame with catchy pop hits after appearing on the UK’s “The X Factor.”


Experience the Magic of OASISH – The Unrivaled Oasis Tribute

Secure your spot today to witness OASISH, the most celebrated Oasis tribute band, as they recreate the unmistakable Oasis vibe with meticulous precision. Since their formation in 2004, OASISH has dominated the tribute scene, delivering performances that some say surpass the original band!

A Performance Not to Be Missed

Catch them live on Saturday, June 15, 2024, at 8:00 PM, at The Towngate Thetre, Basildon, Essex, where you’ll be treated to an immersive musical experience. With tickets starting at just £20.00, this show is accessible to fans of all ages, recommended for those aged 3 and above, promising approximately 2 hours of classic Britpop anthems.

Authentic Sounds and Iconic Instruments

OASISH uses the same Gibson ES355 guitar model that Noel Gallagher famously played, and their sound is amplified through custom Hi Watt and vintage Fender amps to replicate the big Oasis sound that defined a generation in the 90s.

A Proven Track Record

Having graced stages like Wembley Stadium and Manchester Academy, and being a staple at the renowned Glastonbudget Festival each year, OASISH’s reputation precedes them. They offer not just a concert but a time capsule to the height of Oasis’s fame.

Book now to secure your chance to relive the glory days of Oasis with OASISH, where the spirit of the 90s Britpop scene comes alive!


Towngate Theatre
St Martin’s Square
Basildon, Essex
SS14 1DL

Telephone 01268 205 300  


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