Get a shout out on the radio

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Get A Shout Out On The Radio!

Be The Star Of The Show! Geoff Carter gives you a shout out on the afternoon show. Monday to Friday 3 until 6pm

Leave a voicemail, say who you are and if there is someone you want us to play the song for, give them a shout out

So, something like, ‘this is James Smith from New York can you play a song for Daisy who is 21 today. It’s going to be one awesome party tonight. Gill don’t forget to bring the food and drink! You’re so good at that’

Or tell us your favourite band or artist for the 80’s at 8

The 90s at 9 or the 2000s at 10

Simply leave a voice mail and tell us your favourite band or artist , film or tv show from one of those decades

Something like. ‘hi this is Debbie Evans from Great Yarmouth. Can you play tears for fears on the 80s at 8. They were the first band I ever saw live. A great concert, me and my friends talked about it for months afterwards.’

And you could be on Ocean Breeze Radio real soon!